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Playoff Jimmy Butler arrives for the Miami Heat with a truck-stick to Chris Paul

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Butler gives his teammates a glimpse of what post-season action is about.

Miami Heat v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Jimmy Butler sent a message to the other Miami Heat players what to expect during the playoffs. Chris Paul was Butler’s unwitting partner in the delivery, with Duncan Robinson part of the supporting cast in the loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Afterwards Butler said, “You mess with one of my guys, especially one of my shooters, then you gotta deal with me and everybody else.”

During last year’s rumors about Paul going to Miami Chris Broussard said (via reddit), “Jimmy Butler and Chris Paul in the same locker room... it could be World War III in that locker room. This makes no sense whatsoever.”

Now we know what Broussard meant about two fierce competitors not backing down in any situation. After the intense skirmish between Butler and Paul, fans might take Miami more seriously as title contenders based on their having the courage to do whatever it takes to win. This season’s Heat team may be the real deal, even if other teams have more talent.