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Miami Heat have better odds than Milwaukee Bucks to win NBA title after Game 2

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All of a sudden the Heat have risen from long shots to serious contenders for the NBA title.

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Milwaukee Bucks Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Miami Heat 116-114 win over the Milwaukee Bucks oddsmakers elevated Miami’s chances to win it all. Results for the morning of 9/3/20 per Bovada for the NBA Futures are (per $100 wager):

NBA Championship

  1. Los Angeles Lakers 240
  2. Los Angeles Clippers 250
  3. Boston Celtics 425
  4. Miami Heat 550
  5. Milwaukee Bucks 750
  6. Houston Rockets 1,200
  7. Toronto Raptors 2,500
  8. Denver Nuggets 5,000

NBA Eastern Conference Title

  1. Boston 125
  2. Miami 190
  3. Milwaukee 285
  4. Toronto 1,000

Miami went from opening at 35,000 down to 550, while Milwaukee dropped from 600 to 750. Bettors don’t view the current Heat team as feel-good, fluke story any more, but as a top-four contender for the crown. That may not be such a good thing if the team relaxes even slightly.

The difficult part is just beginning, which actually favors coach Erik Spoelstra. After going through four years under the microscope with the Heatles, he been through it all before. Same goes with Andre Iguodala, who dealt with the frenzy surrounding the Golden State Warriors‘ title runs.

If the current team believes playoffs have demanded a lot of them, the expectations going forward will be even greater. A true boys to men transform is at hand for newcomers in the spotlight.