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5 players the Heat could add if the NBA moves rosters to 19 players for COVID relief

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The NBA could possibly expand rosters to help with available players for teams. Here’s some targets for the Heat if they do.

Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One of the things that is potentially on the table to help teams manage the COVID-19 issues they are having with the Health and Safety Protocols is to expand rosters to 19 players. That would give teams more flexibility in making enough players available and not have to postpone games.

Currently, teams can have 15 players and also have 2 additional two-way players on their roster. Expanding to 19 has some salary issues to iron out, but let’s take a look at some top targets the Heat could look at.

Certainly, they would take a look at the 4 players they said goodbye to in Training Camp, but realistically, these players need to be able to contribute when called upon. So we are looking at veteran players in this post, not prospects.

#1 — Kyle Korver

At 39 years old, Korver doesn’t make sense outside of this situation. Imagine being without Duncan Robinson or Tyler Herro for a game, and allow Kyle Korver to step in? Korver showed last season he can still shoot and play well. If he wants to be a part of a team, he would make a lot of sense for the Miami Heat. We love shooters.

#2 — Jamal Crawford

This is your bucket getter. One of the issues the Heat face anytime Jimmy Butler or Goran Dragic are off the floor is that they have no one (barely) who can just go get a bucket. Crawford is that and is still that. Once again, he is 40, almost 41 years old. Miami doesn’t need Crawford to be a rotation player. But someone who can step in when needed. I bet he’d be ready.

#3 — Anthony Tolliver

I actually like the fit of Anthony Tolliver with the current roster. He could be a good plug and play piece next to Bam Adebayo the next time Kelly Olynyk falls out of grace with coach Spo. Tolliver would bring a veteran defensive presence with the ability to hit a three, much like what Jae Crowder brought last year. This would be a win for the Heat to have someone like him available.

#4 — John Henson

Henson doesn’t fit the Heat roster as constructed. But if Miami were without a plethora of players, Henson provides rebounding and mid-range shot-making that would be a bonus if the Heat were without other bigs. He’s been around, but still young enough to be a valuable part of practice and bring some versatility to the roster.

#5 — Michael Beasley (just because)

You really didn’t think you would read this whole article without mentioning bringing back Michael Beasley, did you? Beasley knows the staff, the organization, and the league. He can also shoot and score. But would he play defense? Would he be cool with not playing? Is he mature enough to be around Jimmy Butler?

Probably not. But you can discuss below if Mike Beasley should get another chance.

What do you think? If the Heat magically had two more spots, who do you want added to the roster?

Honorable Mention: Mario Chalmers