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After trade, Oladipo still hopes to join Heat

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Oladipo and another potential Heat target, P.J. Tucker, will both be free agents this off-season.

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game Two Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

Victor Oladipo may (for now) be a member of the Houston Rockets, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be there for long. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer said that, “League sources say Oladipo still hopes to find himself in Miami.”

For Pat Riley and the rest of the Miami Heat, the question now becomes whether the team is interested in trading for Oladipo before the March 25 trade deadline. Oladipo will become a free agent after this season, so the Heat could potentially sign the two-guard outright in the off-season. Even after Miami re-signed Bam Adebayo last year, they still retain the flexibility to have up to $30 million in cap space next summer.

But on the other hand, the Heat risk wasting a year of Jimmy Butler’s prime if they don’t make it back to the Finals. Pat Riley is 75 years old and he’s said he won’t retire until Miami wins another championship.

O’Connor also mentioned that The Athletic’s Kelly Iko said that “multiple teams have inquired about P.J. Tucker, the 35-year-old front-court presence. Like Oladipo, Tucker will also be a free agent this off-season. Tucker also appears to slot in as the perfect fit next to Adebayo, as a bruising defender who can hit the 3.

Is it worth trading for Oladipo and Tucker in the next two months, even if it means giving up Tyler Herro and future draft picks? These are conversations the Heat front office may engage in over the next few weeks.