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4 Heat takes after 4 Heat games

Here’s some things we are seeing after the Heat’s 3-1 start.

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

We’ve been through 4 Miami Heat games and they are 3-1 on the season. So let’s take a look at 4 things we have learned from this squad already.

And don’t forget to comment what you think as well! Here we go!


Have you watched the difference between their 3 wins with Lowry and their loss without him? Lowry is a pace pusher and has given the Heat something they haven’t had in a very long time — the ability to get easy transition baskets.

Lowry’s ability to get the ball up court has been a game-changer for the Heat. Nothing against Goran Dragic or Kendrick Nunn or anyone else who has played point guard for the Miami Heat in the last twenty years, but Lowry has the juice that makes this team better and maximizes their opportunities.

No matter the score or game situation, Lowry helps them score.

On top of that, he is a capable defender and one that most opponents aren’t going to try to take advantage of with switching. That stabilizes the starting group and allows the Heat to be more versatile in what they do. $30 million was a lot for him, but so far he’s been good and worth it.


The first two games showed you that when he dropped 27 and 30 points to start the season. He’s averaging 21 PPG so far this season, and even though has been trigger-happy, the game has slowed down for him and that is obvious. He’s averaging 7+ rebounds and 4 assists each night.

He’s providing the juice they need off the bench to keep the gas going and this step is what Miami needed to make them a lethal opponent. Herro probably has more in his game to show throughout the season, but he’s primed and encouraged to take the step.


I was worried about the Heat bench. But Dewayne Dedmon has been terrific and so has Herro. Markieff Morris has had his moments (which is your expectation) and Max Strus has been reliable to do what he is capable of so far. That’s a solid 9-man rotation that Spo has been able to keep one of Bam, Jimmy, or Kyle with at all times.

Now, think about adding Victor Oladpio to that mix. I wouldn’t say the Heat bench is explosive. But they are solid and a mixture of them with an alpha has complimented well so far. They don’t lose leads, they increase them.


The Heat are currently the best defensive team in the NBA. They’ve only given up 100+ points in the overtime loss to the Pacers (102). And you have seen Jimmy Butler play center field and pick off passes.

They take charges. They switch like crazy — almost too much for my liking, but they are able to. In fact, Duncan Robinson is getting picked on again because (not just because he isn’t a great defender) teams can’t create much against Miami.

When a team switches, it takes away most of the movement or actions you create. So switching ultimately leads to mismatches for one on one play. Which often leaves Duncan on an island. And many times he is scored on or gets blown past which can cause a breakdown — but what it does is take many teams out of what they want to do. And that causes problems throughout the stretch of a game.

The Kennel. These dogs. They are here to play defense and it has been good.

What’s your takeaway after 4 games?