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Blake Griffin makes sense in Miami

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If the former All-Star finds his way to a buyout, the Miami Heat make a lot of sense as a destination.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin is going to take an indefinite absence from the Detroit Pistons until his playing future is determined away from the Pistons. Both the team and Griffin have agreed that parting ways is best for both sides and the team is looking at trades as well as talking about buyout options with Griffin’s agent.

Griffin is owed $36 million this season and $39 million next season. So clearly, he would prefer a trade to a contending team so he can keep his money. But averaging 12 PPG this season and not looking interested in playing for Detroit, it may be hard for a team to want that money for someone not producing as a premier talent.

A trade is possible, we have seen assets moved before. But maybe a buyout would be more likely, depending on how aggressive Griffin wants out. He would likely have to forfeit next season’s salary and take a major cut for this year.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details. But it is possible Griffin becomes a free agent at some point. And if he does, I think the Miami Heat would be a great destination for him. There will be other suitors, and I don’t know what Griffin is looking for beyond a winning situation. But Miami can offer a chance to both play, start, and be on a contending team.

Here’s why he makes sense for Miami...

Blake Griffin fills the biggest void in the Heat’s offense — power forward.

Although Kelly Olynyk has had his moments and gels well alongside other starters, Blake Griffin could bring a different element that is welcome to this roster. Clearly...clearly Blake is not what he used to be.

We are not talking about a premiere All-Star player. But we are talking about a player that could feed well off a roster that is established with him being an after-thought as an option for offense. Griffin has had a tough year shooting and playing. There’s no doubt.

But, as a bought-out player who could contribute in a meaningful way, Griffin would continue to help stretch the floor while also providing Miami with a paint presence or stabilizing back to the basket player that won’t take away time from any player other than maybe Kelly Olynyk.

At the very least, Griffin could be someone who comes off the bench and brings some help in moments the Heat need a scoring punch. Best case scenario, he ends up being a boost like Joe Johnson was in 2016 when Miami signed him for 24 games and he averaged 13.4 PPG.

Here’s the deal: you can easily talk me out of Blake Griffin on the Heat. Don’t attack me in the comments. I’m not married to the idea. But if you are talking about a buyout option at a small salary and you just have to cut someone like Chris Silva, then yes I am OK giving it a try.

Griffin will have a plethora of suitors if he is bought out, so Miami may not be his preferred destination. Does he want a ring? Meaningful contributions? Brooklyn, LA, and Philadelphia would all have a say to him as well.

But we do want to hear from you! What do you think? Should the Heat be interested in Blake Griffin?