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HerrO’s Fruit Hoops: Tyler Herro has his own cereal now

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Yes, Tyler Herro has his own cereal and you can buy it.

Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is. Tyler Herro has his own cereal that you can buy. He announced it on social media earlier and they are already out of stock.

Fruit Hoops is the name. And I bet they taste good. Herro is using the proceeds from the cereal to support his foundation, which is a great gesture and it is amazing that they sold out of stock on the day they announced it.

Here’s the link to buy some: CLICK HERE.

This is likely just the beginning of some marketing for the young athlete who is highly regarded as a future star. Enjoy and let us know if you get your hands on some and what they are like!

Herro has started at point guard for the Miami Heat this season.

Also, we don’t receive any endorsement for this post, just letting you know what Boy Wonder is up to these days.