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Jimmy Butler snubbed in All-Star selection

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With the NBA All-Star reserves revealed one thing is for sure, Jimmy Butler was snubbed

NBA: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler has been snubbed for the All-Star Game. For those who disagree with this, you’re probably going to point to two reasons. The first being his missed games, Butler has missed 12 games this season while he dealt with Covid-19 and earlier in the season an ankle sprain. However, other All-Stars have missed the same amount of time, most notably Kevin Durant. It’s also one of the strangest seasons in history and in the midst of a Global Pandemic, how much can you weigh missed games?

The second reason is the Heat’s record which currently is under .500 at 14-17. Still, even with the sub-par record the Heat are only a couple of games out of the fourth seed in a struggling Eastern Conference. So is that really fair? Especially when the Conference landscape could be completely different in a week’s time?

Since returning to the lineup Jimmy has been on a tear, he’s had four triple-doubles in the last seven games and has provided a well-needed offensive boost to win games. Jimmy is averaging a career-best in both rebounds and assists (7.6) and still scoring a respectable 19 points per game. In looking at non-traditional statistics Jimmy is also averaging career numbers in other areas. Per Cleaning the Glass, Jimmy is averaging his highest numbers ever in Assist Percentage (37.4%), and Mid-Range shots (52%) He’s also cemented himself in the 100th percentile in Foul Drawing (Jimmy draws a foul on 21% of his shots).

The Heat have won 14 games this season, and 11 of those wins have come when Jimmy Butler played. If that doesn’t showcase his value to this Heat team, and why he merits an All-Star selection, I can’t tell you what does.

Look, it might not be a bad thing. I’m sure the rest will benefit Jimmy, but that doesn’t change the fact that he deserves to be an All-Star this season.