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Heat throttles Bulls in the fourth quarter, win 101-90

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Despite the Bulls keeping it close for much of the game, Goran Dragic would erupt in the fourth quarter leading the Heat to a strong win

NBA: Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

A chilly night in Chicago started with a Kendrick Nunn score but turned into a struggle from beyond the arc for both teams to start. The Heat and Bulls would go back and forth with most of the points coming from inside or the free-throw line. Jimmy was in scoring mode early getting to the line and even above the rim for a quick 8 points. Kendrick Nunn also got in on the scoring frenzy sending Miami on an 11-0 run, and a 9 point lead.

Tyler Herro led the reserves keeping the Heat ahead and creating for some highlight plays. Still, the Bulls weren’t going away with Temple, White, and Porter Jr. working their way back within striking distance. The Heat and Bulls really struggled to score in the second quarter. There were many bricks laid in the United Center with both teams combined shooting 37% from the field. Still, Miami’s lead would evaporate (that’s what happens when you score only 13 points in a quarter) with Coby White and Lauri Markanen getting into a rhythm. Things

Duncan, Kelly, and Jimmy all got on the board early to start the third and end the scoring drought (Jimmy on an Alley-Oop!). On the other end, Zach LaVine showed why he was an All-Star scoring easily against the Heat defense. After an abysmal first half, Kelly Olynyk was very good at finding his teammates for assists and getting to the rack easily.

Jimmy had over 11 points in the quarter by himself, as he slashed to the rim and shredded the Chicago defense. Jimmy also had a few assists, as he tried to get the rest of the guys open. Jimmy can do everything at an elite level and it’s very impressive to see. Unfortunately every time it seemed like the Heat were stealing back momentum, Zach Lavine hit a three to silence the progress. Goran finally got on the board with a big three after a tough stretch.

With Jimmy out to start the fourth, it was Duncan Robinson and Goran Dragic who picked up the scoring load. Suddenly Goran was able to unleash the dragon and erupted 8 straight points propelling the Heat out to a nine-point lead. He didn’t stop there continuing his assault on the Bulls, keeping the Heat ahead. Goran had over 20 points in the quarter and refused to let up leading the Heat to victory.

This was a fun win, no doubt we’ll see Goran’s number 7 in the AAA rafters one day this was a reminder of why.