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Heat, Thunder discussing Trevor Ariza trade

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A Miami/OKC trade makes sense on a couple levels.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

During the Miami Heat’s win over the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported that the Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder have discussed a trade that would send Trevor Ariza to Miami. O’Connor added that Oklahoma City is seeking a second-round pick for Ariza.

A Miami/OKC trade makes sense on a couple levels. For one, Ariza would address the Heat’s need for a Jae Crowder replacement — a switchable front-court defender who can knock down the 3-point shot. (Ariza, by the way, has been working out in Miami.)

The Thunder also hold Miami’s 2021 and 2023 first-round picks. While the 2021 pick is unprotected, the 2023 one is not. Therefore, the Heat and Thunder would have to agree to remove protections from their 2023 pick in order for Miami to trade their 2025 first-round pick. (Teams are not allowed to trade first-round picks in consecutive years.)

Ariza hasn’t played for the Thunder this entire season. In fact, he hasn’t played since before the NBA bubble. But last year, the Heat traded for Andre Iguodala, who hadn’t played for the Memphis Grizzlies all that season.