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NBA to eliminate two-way limit, allows Heat to keep Strus and Vincent for season

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The NBA is planning to remove the 50-game limit for two-way players

Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Heat have been really good at choosing their two-way players for seasons, hitting multiple times on great assets. And now, they are gaining an even greater advantage moving forward for the season.

The report is that NBA is going to eliminate the 50-game limit for two-way players. Originally, for this season, two-way players could only be activated for 50 of the 72 games, after that, they would need to be signed to a standard contract to remain with the team.

Now with the restriction gone, the Heat can hang onto Gabe Vincent and Max Strus, who have both played large roles for the Miami Heat so far this season with all of their injuries and protocol absences.

In addition, Strus and Vincent would be eligible to play in the Playoffs if it came to that for Miami, which has never been the case for two-way players.

Strus is averaging 7.2 PPG for the Heat and had a 21 point performance in a win in Houston earlier this season. Gabe Vincent has played in 24 games so far this season and is averaging 5.7 PPG.