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LaMarcus Aldridge signs with Nets

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Aldridge felt Brooklyn helped him compete for a championship, according to Barry Jackson.

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Pat Riley didn’t convince LaMarcus Aldridge to sign with Miami in 2015. And again in 2021, Aldridge turned down another chance.

In a surprise move, Aldridge decided to sign with the Brooklyn Nets instead of the Miami Heat. After getting Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving back healthy this season, the Nets have now traded for James Harden and signed Blake Griffin and Aldridge.

Just two days ago, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN called the Heat “a frontrunner” to sign the seven-time All-Star. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson tweeted that he asked an associate of Aldridge what changed his mind. The associate said that Aldridge was convinced that the Nets offered him a better chance to win a championship. The Heat are currently on a six-game losing streak that dropped them to two games under .500.

Miami still has two open roster spots after their trade deadline moves. But because the Heat stand just $747,000 below the luxury tax, it’s possible they could opt to just fill one of the open spots. If the Heat look to go for a big man, DeMarcus Cousins and Gorgui Dieng are options.