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Heat scorch Blazers, win 107-98

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After a sloppy first quarter, Miami picked it up and didn’t let up slowing down Portland’s stars for an impressive road victory.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

First Half:

The Heat started strong with a Bam slam, it also looked very alert on defense. However they’d stall and Norman Powell and Portland took advantage on an 11-0 run

The Heat battled back though with Bam having an exceptionally strong star, and others like Duncan and Herro contributing well. The Heat were phenomenal tonight at causing turnovers and used it to pull right back into the ballgame at the start of the second quarter. Well, that and Jimmy scoring at will in the paint.

It was Jimmy’s tenacity inside, and Bam’s continued aggressiveness that allowed the Heat to snatch back back the lead. Duncan, Nunn Iguodala and Herro would all do an exceptional job at keeping the offense flowing. The Heat have suffered severe scoring droughts this year, so it was nice seeing them break out fairly easy with so many players contributing. The Heat also did this without turning the ball over once in the first half.

Miami’s defense was also great in the second quarter limiting the Blazers to only 17 points. The Heat took an 8 point lead into halftime.

Second Half:

Jimmy continued his offensive assault into the second half, extending the lead. He had some help too with Nunn slashing well and Duncan continuing to shoot well from deep (Dunc had 4+ threes in this one).

The Blazers weren’t done though with CJ McCollum keeping Portland alive and ready to strike. Still they’d have to so largely without Damian Lillard. The Heat were phenomenal at guarding Lillard tonight, trapping him and keeping him in check with only 12 points.

With an 18 point lead, Miami looked to close things up in the fourth. The Heat didn’t slow down with Herro and Dragic continuing to extend the lead. Bam took over the majority of the offense and continued to chip away and earn points at the free throw line.

With just over four minutes to go, Portland pulled its starters signifying a Heat victory. Miami took an impressive road victory that helps in the standings. A great start to a long road trip.