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Heat, Oladipo seeking medical opinions on knee injury

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Both the team and player are on board — a contrast to previous situations with Justise Winslow and Dion Waiters.

Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat

Ethan J. Skolnick and Barry Jackson have reported in the last two days that Victor Oladipo is seeking additional medical opinions on the right knee injury that is keeping him away from the Miami Heat on a West Coast road trip.

Six days before his injury last Thursday, Oladipo said, “One leg is stronger than the other.” In January 2019, he suffered a ruptured quad tendon — an injury that kept him out for a full calendar year.

Jackson reported that the Heat and Oladipo both hope that he can return before the regular season ends.

This situation stands in contrast to some previous disagreements between players and the Heat organization. Last season, the Heat and Justise Winslow disagreed about the extent of the back injury that limited him to 11 games. In Jan. 2018, Dion Waiters sought a second medical opinion on an ankle injury and elected to have season-ending surgery in a move that brought tension between him and the front office.