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Erik Spoelstra wins 600th game with Heat, joins elite club

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Erik Spoelstra became the sixth NBA coach to have won 600 games with one franchise.

NBA: Miami Heat at Charlotte Hornets Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Erik Spoelstra is climbing the NBA’s elite status as a head coach. Although many have doubted him along the way (hello Dan Dakich), Spoelstra is proving that he is something special.

Spo becomes just the sixth NBA head coach to have won 600 games with a single franchise joining this list:

Popovich with the Spurs (1,308)
Jerry Sloan with Utah (1,127)
Red Auerbach with Boston (795)
Red Holzman with New York (613)
Phil Jackson with the Los Angeles Lakers (610)

Maybe it was a little fitting that Spo joins this group by beating Popovich, who leads the pack. Next season, Spo will climb to 4th on that list. Spoelstra is 27th in All-Time coaching wins, so he still has a way to go climbing into that elite status.

“It is humbling,” Spoelstra said. “Obviously, I always think about Pat and Micky for having this incredible opportunity to be able to coach with this franchise. I feel a great responsibility to do it the right way for something they started and created.”

Spo has been the Heat’s head coach since the 2008-09 season and has made the playoffs in all but three seasons. He’s been to the NBA Finals 5 times, winning two championships in 2012 and 2013. His lowest win total for a season was 37 wins in 2014-15.

Here at Hot Hot Hoops, we congratulate coach Spoelstra on a terrific achievement!