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Tyler Herro joins Therabody as ambassador

The sophomore guard partners with the percussive therapy company for at-home and in-facility physical self-care.

Heat sophomore guard Tyler Herro has joined Therabody joins the ranks of Paul George and DeAndre Hopkins as the latest Therabody athlete ambassador. Therabody is known for their percussive and athletic therapy devices, that you’ve no doubt seen on Instagram (the massage guns) or maybe even at your gym. They’re also a staple around NBA locker rooms for warm-ups and general muscle tightness.

As an ambassador, Herro will be incorporating Therabody’s percussive massage therapy devices into his warm-up and recovery routines. According to Therabody the Theragun has become an integral part of Herro’s routine.

Herro had this to say on his new ambassadorship:

“One of the great things about Theragun is that I can use it wherever I am. I use mine on the plane, at practice, and at home on the couch— I literally take it with me everywhere.”

“It’s important to me that any partnership I have is authentic, and I genuinely love and use Therabody products. Therabody is a company I believe everyone should know about.”

The news comes on the heels of brand new product announcements from Therabody, so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing Tyler and the rest of his teammates using the recovery devices often. Hopefully, they help keep him on the court as the Heat enter a crucial playoff push.