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Victor Oladipo expected to miss start of next season

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Oladipo will become a free agent in the off-season.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported today that Victor Oladipo “very likely will miss the start of next season” after he underwent surgery to repair his partially torn quadriceps tendon yesterday.

Jackson said a return to action in December, January or February remains a “strong possibility.” He also reported that Oladipo “would love to return to the Heat.”

The Miami Heat were engaged in discussions for both Kyle Lowry and Oladipo at the trade deadline. Back in March, The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor said that if the Oladipo experiment doesn’t work out, Miami could circle back to Kyle Lowry.

Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg will have to decide whether to operate as a team with cap space or an over-the-cap team this off-season. Operating over-the-cap would allow the Heat to re-sign impending free agents such as Oladipo, Goran Dragic, Kendrick Nunn and Trevor Ariza, but would preclude Miami from giving a competitive offer for Lowry.

Operating as a “room” team — a team with cap space — would give Miami between $22 and $28 million to offer to outside free agents like Lowry. But it would become more difficult to re-sign the aforementioned impending free agents.