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Impressive improvement of Kendrick Nunn for Miami Heat has received little attention

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Kendrick Nunn quietly put together a stellar season for the Miami Heat.

NBA: Miami Heat at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

As the Miami Heat head into the playoffs Kendrick Nunn has not gotten the attention his stats deserve. This season only four players with a minimum of 1650 minutes have met the following criteria: FG% > 48%, 3P% > 38%, FT% > 90%.

Sorted by age they are:

  • Chris Paul, 36 y/o, FG% 49.9, 3P% 39.5, FT% 93.4
  • Stephen Curry, 33 y/o, FG% 48.2, 3P% 42.1, FT% 91.6
  • Kyrie Irving, 29 y/o, FG% 50.6, 3P% 40.2, FT% 92.2
  • Kendrick Nunn, 25 y/o, FG% 48.5, 3P% 38.1, FT% 93.3

Not shabby company for an undrafted 25 year-old player in his second season. Actually his numbers have improved from a stellar rookie season. His FG% jumped from .439 to .485, 3P% from .350 to .385, 2P% from .505 to .583, FT% from .850 to .933. This season Nunn has thrived more in an off-ball role as his percentage of assisted FGA increased: 45% of his 2-pointers were assisted this season versus 37% last season, and 85% of his 3-pointers were assisted versus 75% last season.

Duncan Robinson has gotten a lot of attention due to his looming free agency. Just so happens Nunn will also be a restricted free agent like Robinson. Can or will the Heat pay both or let them walk?

Of the four players mentioned at the beginning Nunn is the youngest and least experienced of the bunch. Considering this is only Nunn’s second season, the question is whether there is still room for improvement at his age. So far the answer seems to be yes.

Nunn has shown the willingness to overcome challenges thrown before him in a quiet manner. Flashy he is not. Seems like he prefers to let his numbers do the talking. But how high can he go?