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Miami Heat 2020-21 player review: Udonis Haslem

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The Heat captain contributed to the team off the court as his legendary career winds down.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason has arrived for the Miami Heat, who were swept out of the first round in the NBA playoffs by the Milwaukee Bucks — losing their four games by a combined 82 points.

Before we deep dive into everything regarding the future months for this team, let’s discuss the seasons for Heat players who played and finished on the 2020-21 Heat roster.

For our eighth player review — conducted in alphabetical order — we will look Mr. Miami, Udonis Haslem. Here’s the previous seven Heat players we’ve reviewed thus far:

Let’s dive into it!

Brief overview:

2020-21 Stats (1 game):

  • 4.0 PPG
  • 1.0 RPG
  • 100.0 field goal percentage (2 attempts)
  • Two technical fouls
  • 1 ejection

Last offseason — for the fourth consecutive offseason — Haslem re-signed with the Heat on the minimum. He had played in 190 combined minutes (28 games, 2 starts) from 2018-20. His lone appearance in 2020-21 came in just a two-minute, 40 second stint against the Philadelphia 76ers on May 13 — Miami’s third-to-last regular season contest.

Numbers to note:

48.0, 12.0 - Though Haslem tallied just four points, he was on-pace for 48 points and 12 rebounds per 36 minutes. It would’ve been cool to see him potentially reach these esteemed figures, though his night was cut short.

2 - Speaking of his night getting cut short, Haslem picked up two technical fouls and was ejected at the beginning of the second quarter after a scuffle with Dwight Howard. Legendary.

54.6 - By the very small sample of three minutes, Haslem was the most productive player on the team to nobody’s surprise. He notched a league-high 54.6 PER this season — not enough talking heads are discussing this.

Best game?

May 13 vs. Philadelphia 76ers

I know, I know. You expected me to write that Haslem put up a Wilt-esque 57 point-26 rebound outing in the only game of his 18th NBA season! That’s a tough bargain to ask for, but Haslem’s lone game was a memory for the ages! Head coach Erik Spoelstra definitely enjoyed it.

What’s next?

There is a realistic chance that Haslem returns to a Heat on a minimum deal for the fifth consecutive season. He more than understands his role with the organization.

“What people don’t understand is [Erik Spoelstra] doesn’t praise me and these guys don’t listen to me just because I show up every day. I roll up my sleeves. I’m in the trenches, and I get it done…just because people don’t see it…doesn’t mean that work isn’t being done behind the scenes here,” Haslem said in his exit interview.

His leadership and guidance to other Heat players is unquantifiable. There’s a reason why the organization continually wants to bring him back each year. Whether he will return or not is uncertain, but one thing is certain — there’s always going to be a seat open for the 41-year-old in Dade County.