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Mike Brown wants Precious to shoot 3s. Is he right?

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Achiuwa attempted just one 3 his entire rookie season.

Argentina v Nigeria Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Playing for Nigeria in advance of the Tokyo Olympics, Precious Achiuwa is taking advantage of an opportunity he didn’t have last year. The (compressed) 2020-21 NBA season started just a month after the 2020 Draft. And though Achiuwa made an impression early in his NBA career — he made the Rising Stars team — he became borderline unplayable later in his rookie season.

Since the Heat have two first-round picks out the window — their selection this year and a 2023 lottery-protected pick — Achiuwa has an important role as a young potential asset. His improvement should be a paramount goal for the team this season, whether they plan to carve out a role for him or include him in a trade.

It’s been encouraging to see him play, taking the ball up court and, yes, making the occasional 3-pointer.

Though he joked that Erik Spoelstra would “kill me,” former NBA coach and current Nigeria coach Mike Brown said that he wants Achiuwa to take the 3 when his feet are set and he’s open.

Achiuwa attempted just one 3-pointer in the 737 minutes of his rookie season. He missed. In his lone season at Memphis, though, the 21-year-old made 13 of 40 attempts from 3. When the Heat drafted Achiuwa, part of the allure behind playing Achiuwa with Bam Adebayo was his potential 3-point capability.

Brown is right to encourage Achiuwa to take 3s. Because Jimmy Butler and Adebayo are non-shooters, the other players on the court need to demand respect from distance for the offense to flow. Even an average 3-point shot would help Achiuwa become a nice trade chip or a solid rotation player for Miami.

The Heat’s 2020 draft pick has already thrown shade at Kevin Durant and Stephen A. Smith in the last week. A solid basketball summer could add more to his name.