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What does the Heat’s links to Dame, Lowry and Sexton mean for Kendrick Nunn

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The Miami Heat have reportedly been linked to plenty of point guards.

NBA: Miami Heat at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Few players are harder to determine their future with the organization than Kendrick Nunn. By the time the NBA shut down in March of 2020, Nunn was one of the best rookies in the NBA, starting every game for the Heat and averaging double figures for the team.

Then, the break and the bubble and a run-in with COVID ruined his flow for the rest of that season. He lost his starting spot to Goran Dragic when the Playoffs began and was even a DNP in many games in the post-season.

This past season, Nunn was moved to the bench for Tyler Herro, that didn’t work, so Dragic went back in, and when he got hurt, Nunn returned as a starter and played well until Victor Oladipo arrived and moved him out of the rotation. Then Nunn returned as a start again.

It’s been a roller coaster.

And honestly, one where you wouldn’t blame him for deciding to move on to a franchise that will commit some more trust in him.

Now Miami has clearly been linked to trading for or S&T’s for Kyle Lowry, Damian Lillard, and Collin Sexton — all point guards. It seems inevitable that Miami is looking to make a move there, or even retaining Victor Oladipo in that position.

Damian Lillard would be a hefty price. The Heat would need to move money assets and also find ways to send all their young assets to acquire an All-NBA player like him. It is a far-fetching idea...but not one that is impossible if Lillard wants to be here, much like Jimmy wanted to be here and James Harden wanted to be in Brooklyn. Anthony Davis, Paul George...players can find a way to get what they want...and say all the right things in the process if they need to.

Collin Sexton is a different scenario because he has a rookie contract without the extension yet. He’s 22 years old — and he is a valuable, valuable piece. Miami would likely have to take back Kevin Love, which doesn’t have to be the end of the world if he is motivated. Doable, but Cleveland would need an incentive.

Kyle Lowry is the most plausible because he is a free agent. He can somewhat dictate where he goes depending on the money he would require. Although he is 35 years old, many teams are valuing him and he could drive up his price, forcing a sign and trade. Miami could easily make this happen but would be looking at giving up probably Precious and Okpala to do it.

With any of these additions — you are absolutely saying goodbye to Kendrick Nunn. In fact, if Miami hangs on to Goran Dragic or Tyler Herro through all of this it would be a bit of a miracle too.

The Heat needs to make major changes to keep up with the improving Eastern Conference — and point guard is one of their top priorities. Kendrick Nunn is a good young player, but his timeline and deficiencies don’t mesh well in the Playoffs with the current group. He’s been a great player for the Heat, all you can ask for in an undrafted player.

But, Spo has clearly shown that he doesn’t trust him down the stretch. The other problem: someone is going to pay Kendrick for his 15 PPG contribution and it is not going to be the Miami Heat. He likely walks not because the Heat doesn’t like him, but because the money is going to be needed elsewhere.

So...we all know Dame would be great to have, but knowing what you’d have to give up in any move, what would you like to see the Heat do?

Let us know what you think.


Who should be the starting PG for Miami next year?

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    Collin Sexton
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    Kendrick Nunn
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