Looking Back to Some of the Heat’s Best Games This Season

photo-1478317370563-0a8fc17e6837.0.jpegMiami Heat had an overall solid season that was filled with both high and low moments. There was some concern early on, as the team was sitting seven games below a .500 winning percentage, but they rallied and by the end they were eight games above this marker.

Fans were certainly excited as the team was able to push into the playoffs, but unfortunately their first bracket was against the Milwaukee Bucks, who swept them in a clean 4-0 series. Despite this, the Heat showed a lot of promise this season in some key moments. Here are some of the performances of the year for the team.

Heat Beat Timberwolves 121-112

By May 7th, Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves both had their eyes set on the playoffs. This was an important matchup that would keep the winner’s postseason dreams alive. It wouldn’t be an easy game, but thankfully Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro had both returned from injuries to help out. Herro was excellent in this game, scoring four 3-pointers in the first half. Goran Dragić also sank numerous shots. By the 3rd quarter, Jimmy Butler also got going, ultimately contributing 25 points by the end.

This was an exciting game as the Timberwolves fought back fiercely. Karl-Anthony Towns was whistled for multiple fouls. D’Angelo Russell was ejected after two technicals. Veteran point guard Ricky Rubio also played hard. Rubio is a respected player in the NBA, and one that is admired by all of his teammates, current and past ones included. PokerStars streamer Alberto Perez remembers "Ricky Rubio was the best on his team" despite being two years younger than his teammates. However, in this game Rubio failed to keep it together, picking up a technical for rough play.

In the end, the Heat won 121-112 to move into the 6th seed in the playoffs.

Heat Beat Nets 109-107

On April 18th, the Heat had one of many high level games against the star studded Nets. This game was important because it gave Miami fans a lot of hope and proved that Bam Adebayo has the potential to be a major star in the NBA. With the score tied at 107 and just seconds to go, Adebayo gets the ball, matched up against the smaller player Jeff Green.

At times this season, Adebayo has been questioned for his passiveness, despite his obvious talent. In this moment, he showed he could be aggressive when he needs to be. Adebayo pushed through Green getting a jump shot off with milliseconds to spare and scoring for the win. This was one of the top moments of the season and gave the Heat something to rally around.

photo-1518407613690-d9fc990e795f.0.jpegHeat Beat Jazz 124-116

Back on the 26th of February, the Heat had a matchup against the Utah Jazz. This was a game where they needed to call on their All-Star forward Jimmy Butler. When the team needed him the most, he delivered in style.

Over the course of the game, Butler nearly hit a triple-double and ultimately scored 33 points. The Jazz have a strong defense but even 3-time winner of Defensive Player of the Year award, Rudy Gobert, was unable to get Butler to stumble. He attacked from the inside and outside and left the Jazz sprinting to catch up. It was one of Butler’s clear best performances for the season.

Heat Loss to Nets 128-124

Even though the Heat lost to the Nets in this late January matchup, it was still an excellent performance that is worth mentioning. Notably, this was Bam Adebayo’s only 40-point game and he was sensational throughout it. This is especially impressive when you consider that Adebayo carried the team’s offense and he was facing off against some of the sport’s best in Irving, Durant, and Harden. We all collectively realized what a talent Adebayo is when he can play confidently.

Heat Beat Celtics 129-121

Ending on a high note, The Heat had a great outing in their last regular season game against the Celtics on May 11th. This one had equal effort from everyone involved on the Heat. Adebayo picked up 22 points, Goran Dragić took 17, Herro sunk 24, and Duncan Robinson scored 13. This was a great game that showed the Heat working cohesively and they ended the season with some momentum for the playoffs.

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