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Tyler Herro revives age-old debate: Wade or LeBron?

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Herro said LeBron.

Miami Heat v Charlotte Bobcats Photo by Greg Shamus/NBAE via Getty Images

Appearing at an event for kids with former Miami Heat broadcaster Tony Fiorentino, Tyler Herro got the question, “Who is the best Heat player of all time?” Herro said LeBron James. Fiorentino added that the question is subjective and said Dwyane Wade is the “most celebrated” player in Heat history.

The Wade vs. LeBron debate is one that many Miami fans love to discuss. Back when the NBA suspended the 2019-20 season, I ranked Wade as the top Heat player of all-time. But when Brandon Di Perno and I drafted all-time Heat rosters, I picked LeBron first instead of Wade.

My reasoning for the divergent picks was that James’ peak was higher than Wade’s, and that James is a better 3-point shooter and more versatile defender. But Wade did far more for Miami in his 14-and-a-half seasons than James did in four years.

Fans can bring up countless points and counterpoints. Wade’s performance in the 2006 Finals surpassed what LeBron did on the highest stage in 2012 or 2013. Does that give No. 3 the edge? Does Wade’s injury history — and LeBron’s incredible durability — factor in? What about the fact that Wade recruited LeBron to come to Miami in 2010?

We’ll never end this debate. Herro just brought it back.