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Heat extend qualifying offers to Robinson, Nunn

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Miami also extended qualifying offers to Gabe Vincent and Max Strus.

Los Angeles Clippers v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Miami Heat extended $4.7 million qualifying offers to Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson, two undrafted players who emerged as success stories of Miami’s developmental program. The offers were widely expected; they make Nunn and Robinson restricted free agents, which allows Miami to match outside offers they receive.

The Miami Herald’s Anthony Chiang wrote that Miami is expected to prioritize re-signing Robinson, but “there is more question with Nunn,” especially if the Heat sign a free agent guard like Kyle Lowry. Miami’s moves to sign undrafted guards following last night’s NBA Draft could also have been a signal that Nunn may leave.

In a slightly less expected move, the Heat also gave qualifying offers to Max Strus and Gabe Vincent, who were on two-way contracts with Miami last season. Vincent’s qualifying offer comes with an $84,000 guarantee, while Strus’ has a $50,000 guarantee. There’s no doubt that Robinson and Nunn will have far more interest from outside suitors than Strus and Vincent.