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Would Love, Bam make a winning combo?

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Kevin Love has two years left on his contract.

Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Evan Massey reported earlier today that if the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kevin Love agree on a buyout, the Miami Heat would be “very interested in signing him.” One thing to note — Love has two years left on his contract. Teams and players usually agree to buyouts when a player is in the last year of their contract.

On paper, this move would provide Miami with someone to stretch the floor next to Bam Adebayo in the front-court. Love would slot into the role that Kelly Olynyk filled for the past three-and-a-half seasons until the Heat traded him for Victor Oladipo earlier this year. (The Heat traded for Nemanja Bjelica to replace Olynyk, but his biggest contribution was making Game 3 of the Milwaukee Bucks’ shellacking of Miami a little less embarrassing.)

Love has had some, ahem, peculiar moments with the Cavaliers lately. He also only played 25 games this past season and just 22 in 2018-19. Is he trying to mail it in so the Cavaliers trade him or buy him out? Blake Griffin had seemingly lost all of his explosiveness, only to become a player who could dunk again with the Brooklyn Nets.

If it doesn’t come at a cost of trading anyone, Love makes sense as a player to take a flyer on. But I don’t know why he’d agree to a buyout now with two more years left on his contract.