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Heat release 2021-22 NBA regular season schedule

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It’s out, and the Miami Heat have a formidable foe to begin their season.

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Miami Heat Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat will begin their 2021-22 NBA regular season right where they ended their post-season: at home against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The NBA released the entire schedule for all teams on Friday. You can view the entire Heat schedule by CLICKING HERE.

The Heat will open FTX Arena against the reigning NBA Champion, Milwaukee Bucks. PJ Tucker gets an early look at his old teammates and the Heat will have a chance to show the East that they are here to compete. That game starts a pretty brutal first three weeks against really quality opponents to begin the season.

Game 2 will be at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis to take on the Pacers, who always give the Heat a hard time in their building.

Miami will get five TNT games as you can see here:

The Heat did not initially receive any of the ABC games slated for later in the season. The national schedule was not as favorable to Miami, and that is to be expected after a first-round exit the way they did.

The schedule is very heavy with road games on the front half and a more home-friendly ending to the season if that will help them. But when it comes to the beginning of the season, the Heat will be moving more than anyone.

The Heat did not receive a Christmas Day game, but they will spend New Year's Eve in Houston against the Rockets.

If you live outside Miami, make sure you have NBA League Pass to watch the Heat this season.

What do you think about the Heat schedule?