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Chris Bosh’s advice to Bam Adebayo: ‘Shoot it’

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Bosh expanded his range to the 3-point line during his tenure with Miami.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Just days away from his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Chris Bosh gave an interview to the Miami Herald. Bosh had some advice to the next great Miami Heat center — Bam Adebayo.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that someone connected to the Heat organization has asked Adebayo to develop an outside shot. We all saw Brook Lopez sink into the paint whenever Adebayo had the ball at the 3-point line, gumming up Miami’s spacing. Back in December 2019, Jimmy Butler said that Adebayo needed to attempt one 3-pointer per game or owe him $500. That went nowhere, as the 2017 first-round pick attempted just 14 3s that season. He attempted eight last year.

Bosh’s journey to expand his range to the 3-point could resonate with Adebayo, though. (Besides, Butler’s descent from a respectable 3-point shooter earlier in his career to a bad one with the Heat has also limited Miami’s offense.) After the 2011 NBA Finals, Erik Spoelstra encouraged Bosh to expand his shooting repertoire. The following year, Bosh hit a huge 3-pointer in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. And he continued to hit timely 3s throughout the rest of his career.

This season, Adebayo’s max contract extension kicks in. He earned $5.1 million last season, but will see his salary skyrocket to $28.1 million this year. Part of being a max player is continually elevating your game. If Adebayo just makes defenders pay for leaving him wide open from 3, it’ll unlock the Heat’s versatility.