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Victor Oladipo to return to Heat on 1-year deal

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The Miami Heat will hope to have Oladipo back in December as they push to make noise in the East.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat added Victor Oladipo back to their lineup by coming to an agreement on a one-year deal that will also position Oladipo to be a free agent again next summer.

Victor had surgery during the end of the season and is still recovering, hoping to be able to return to game action anywhere from late November to late January. Oladipo only played 4 games for Miami last season, but the goal was to have him here for longer.

Now, the Heat have him at a low-risk and high-reward move for this season.

That’s great news for the Heat for several reasons.

#1 — Having Oladipo on the roster completely reshapes their ability to be a contending team. It’s uncertain what type of player they will get back, but they will control his rehab and when allowed to return, Vic could be a great scoring option for them.

It appears they have a solid starting group already, and so having Oladipo and Herro off the bench, Miami could have one of the strongest backup backcourts in the league. This makes them pretty powerful. It would also allow them to remove Duncan Robinson in late-game situations for the more defensive presence of Vic — which we all know Spo prefers.

#2 — The Heat will retain the bird-rights to Oladipo going into next offseason. That’s important because if he does come back healthy, Miami can go over the cap to sign him, or use him also as a sign-and-trade option like many teams did this year.

Miami now has 12 players under roster, and maybe one is penciled for Udonis Haslem. They have a few more moves to make.