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New Orleans Pelicans v Miami Heat

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What are the best and worst case scenarios for the Miami Heat this season?

With the 2022-23 NBA season right around the corner, SB Nation has you covered with previews on each team.

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It’s arguably the best time of the year, with fall providing hope for a slight break from the usual hot South Florida days, Halloween decorations getting dusted off and plans can start to get made for the upcoming holidays. Did I mention the NBA regular season is just around the corner and the games start to matter (adding to more must-see sports to an already-crowded TV calendar)?

There’s that too, and if the Miami Heat’s eyebrow-raising impressive showing during the preseason is any sort of indication it could possibly carry over starting next week when they host the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, October 19, it adds some necessary intrigue in lieu of any excitement over virtually the same exact roster carrying over from last season.

As we wait for Wednesday night, SB Nation NBA wants to know what each site thinks of their team and their chances of glory (whether that means winning it all or winning the NBA lottery is open to interpretation) so let’s get this started!

What’s the ‘Best Case’ scenario for your team this season?

Kyle Lowry returns to championship form (or as realistically close to it as can be), Tyler Herro thrives as a starter, Bam Adebayo expands his offensive game, and Jimmy Butler to basically be Jimmy Butler in the playoffs. Oh and if we’re speaking of best case scenarios: Duncan Robinson would get his confidence back and someone, anyone to step up will claim the starting power forward spot once and for all. Throw in a welcome break from injuries and team absences and there’s a good chance the Heat can replicate (or surpass?) their successes from last season.

What’s the ‘Worst Case’ scenario for your team this season?

Injuries, COVID or other excused team absences could derail momentum. It’s possible the team looks good on paper, and they had a feel-good preseason, but their shortcomings become apparent during the season and Pat Riley and the front office continue to be unable to retool or upgrade the roster. Other East teams made offseason moves while the Heat stood pat. Will that decision come back to haunt them?

What’s the ‘Most Likely’ scenario for your team this season?

There’s going to be some teams that are going to be tanking, I mean struggle, this season and the Heat need to take advantage and lock up wins when they can. They may not finish at the top of the East again, but they should get the top half of the seedings and secure home court advantage through one or maybe even two rounds — as long as they can stay relatively healthy and one or two of their young players gives them quality minutes off the bench.

What are you most excited for going into this season?

How will Victor Oladipo look after a full offseason where he can be healthy and work on his game with the Heat coaching staff. He looked good at times late last season and even in the playoffs. He could be Miami’s ultimate x-factor.

Predict your team’s win/loss record for the season.


Predict your team’s conference seeding

No. 3 in the East

Roster Additions

Nikola Jovic (1st round pick, No. 27), forward Jamal Cain and guard Dru Smith are signed to two-way contracts

Roster Losses

P.J. Tucker (signed with the Philadelphia 76ers as a free agent)

Last season’s team record


Last season’s conference ranking

Finished 1st in the NBA Eastern Conference

Last season’s offensive and defensive rating

Offensive: 113.7 (10th of 30)

Defensive: 109.1 (5th of 30)

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Today's NBA news

Jimmy Butler questionable to play Friday at Boston

Haywood Highsmith proving to be a viable PF option for the Miami Heat