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Miami Heat unveil 2022-23 City Edition Uniforms

The Miami Mashups Vol. 2 has arrived!

Miami Heat Twitter Page

Grab your wallets!

The Miami Heat unveiled their new City Edition uniforms at midnight on Thursday morning: The second edition of the Miami Mashup uniforms. They are keeping all of the other designs intact from its Mashup uniforms from last year — just swapping the color from black to white.

Per the team’s press release, the new uniform — which recognizes the franchise’s most iconic moments/eras symbolically — plans to unlock “four new HEAT number sets—ViceVersa, Floridians Home, Association and White Hot—with which players and fans can customize their jersey, raising the total tally of possible number combinations from 5,256 to 12,656.” Each of the players’ style selections will be different than last season’s.

These come in addition to the Classic Edition uniforms, which the Heat are bringing back for 20 games this season in honor of the franchise’s 35-year history. Miami plans to wear these Mashup in 21 games, the first two times being Thursday and Saturday against the Charlotte Hornets.

The first opportunity for fans to purchase the jerseys will begin at visiting the Miami Heat store....well right now. The team announced that fans who purchase the uniforms at said store will receive a free gift.


What do you think about the Miami Mashups Vol. 2?

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