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Hot Hot Hoops NBA Podcast - Episode 4: Discussing Heat’s early season struggles

We dive into why the Heat are struggling so much and what could possibly be done to improve the roster.

Our latest episode of the Hot Hot Hoops Miami Heat Podcast is here!

HHH writers Brandon Di Perno, Diego Quezada and Surya Fernandez dive into the Miami Heat’s early season struggles after a deflating loss to the Portland Trail Blazers and struggling to put away the lowly Charlotte Hornets in overtime at home. Other topics include the FTX Arena naming rights after the collapse of the crypto giant, the Heat’s issues with their offense (especially in the second half), who is to blame, what can possibly be done to improve the roster in a competitive Eastern Conference, and much more in a lively discussion.

Have a listen, let us know what you’d like us to discuss in future episodes, and make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform!

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