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Oladipo reportedly not “anywhere close” to making season debut for Heat

An update on the former All-Star’s status.

NBA: Preseason-New Orleans Pelicans at Miami Heat Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Oladipo has yet to play a game for the Miami Heat this season as he suffered a knee injury during training camp. Luckily, it was not his surgically repaired knee that kept Oladipo out of most of last season. There was optimism a few weeks ago that this was not going to be a serious injury, and that if anything the team was just taking more of a cautious approach in working Oladipo back considering his injury history. Since it’s still so early in the new season, not many people thought twice of his knee troubles.

However, for the first time since the injury news initially came out, Heat fans got their first update on the situation.

Although this was not reported from the Heat or Oladipo themselves, this is a report that could be rather concerning. For him to miss the first nine games of the season in a row from an injury that didn’t even happen from in-game action, is not an ideal situation for Miami. Being cautious or not, it seems like Oladipo should be playing by now. If this is something that is going to be lingering for a long time, could he even need surgery again but this time on the other knee?

This is not what Heat fans hoped for and expected when acquiring Oladipo at the deadline back in 2021. The man has been out with injury more than he’s even played for the team. The most frustrating part is that the ability is there. Dipo was projected to be the team’s sixth man this season. His defensive skills are elite and he is also someone that can create offense for himself and others.

There is no denying that when available, Oladipo can really help this team. The problem is he just never is. It’s been known for a while now that the Miami medical staff always likes to make smart decisions in terms of working people back from injury. With Oladipo right now though, Spoelstra doesn’t think it’s an ““over-cautious” approach:

That’s not the best response to hear, knowing that it’s “appropriate” to sit him means he really must be hurt and that Dipo being out this long has indeed been necessary. For a 4-5 Heat team, although looking to show signs of improvement as of late, Oladipo’s skills could be much needed right now.

There’s nothing else the Miami Heat staff or all of Heat Nation could say, but health comes first. Especially a player with a history of injuries, he needs to be 100% to be back on that court. Only time will tell how Victor Oladipo’s tenure with the Heat is going to play out, but right now there is a slight cause for concern.