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Was Bam Adebayo’s breakout game vs the Raptors sustainable?

Adebayo scored 32 points and 11 rebounds. Has he turned the corner?

Miami Heat v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/NBAE via Getty Images

In Boston, the Miami Heat were without Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, and PJ Tucker.

Everybody on the Heat roster was just off (except for Max Strus). And Bam Adebayo shot 5-11 and had 12 points as the Heat got routed by 30 points. Adebayo deserves some of the blame. He wasn’t aggressive. He didn’t take over. And he passed out of the post when he should have forced his way.

The very next night, Bam was responding to all of Heat Twitter and put together a masterful piece:

32 points
13-17 FG
11 rebounds
2 steals
1 block

And he was aggressive. It didn’t result in a win, but the bright spot was that Adebayo than his 5-12 performance just days earlier against the Raptors. The Heat, to get to another level, are going to need Bam to get to another level offensively when the ball is in his hands.

The question becomes: is that sustainable for Bam Adebayo?

The way the Heat use him, it doesn’t seem likely. Bam is used as a facilitator for their shooters on offense.

TIMEOUT. Let’s just make this clear: What Bam does defensively is other-worldly. He’s worth his max contract for the defensive capabilities he has and he changes games and schemes because he can guard 1 through 5. This is about his offense.

Bam is not a back to the basket player. That’s just not who he is, and the Heat don’t put him there to operate. Against the Raptors, Adebayo was able to score by getting offensive rebounds, put backs, creation from others, and beating the defense in transition moments. He didn’t score a point with a play called for him to “Go Score.” And until he becomes that guy, these 30+ point nights won’t be sustainable.

However, the more the Heat get healthy, the more Adebayo’s game is going to open up. When Lowry is on the court, Adebayo is actually much more aggressive because Lowry is able to find him in ways not everyone else does. And...if Oladipo returns healthy, the Heat will have another penetrator which is always beneficial for a big who can catch lops and can score on the offensive glass.

Maybe his best days are ahead of him.

I’m not counting on 30+ point nights from Bam. But I don’t think Pat Riley is either. I think the Heat are at their best when balanced. But, I would like to see him attack the basket more because what he did in Toronto was fun.

What do you think about Bam’s play?