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Heat throttle Spurs, win 112-95 in Kyle Lowry’s return

Despite a forgettable first quarter, the Heat would get ahead and never surrender the lead for a much needed win in Lowry’s return

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

First Half:

Kyle Lowry returned to the team tonight, and his calming presence was felt immediately as he conducted the offense. Bam picked up where he left off last game being aggressive early on and taking advantage of the shorthanded Spurs, as he scored on his first three attempts. Derrick White was the focal point of the Spur's offense, keeping things close on some nice buckets. The Spurs also were solid defensively, slowing down Miami. This allowed them to take a 5 point lead with just under five minutes remaining in the first.

Miami also struggled with turnovers in the first, collapsing on multiple possessions give the Spurs an opportunity to build their lead. The Heat also racked up a few technical fouls which didn’t help things as the Spurs run ballooned to 10-0.

Luckily Duncan, Dedmon, and Herro would score well in the final minutes of the quarter sparking an 8-0 run. Their effort would steal back the lead and save what was otherwise a forgettable first quarter.

Herro continued his hot start in the second, as he aggressively attacked the rim. Dedmon was also great doing it on both ends as he blocked dunks in the Heat paint and showed his long-range ability on the other end. Miami’s defense looked great as they frustrated the Spurs into turnovers and scored in transition. The Heat reserves scored well, most notably Max Strus who remains lethal from beyond the arc as well as Gabe Vincent who also hit a couple of threes to give Miami a 13 point lead.

The Spurs didn’t give in, however, leaning on Derrick White once again to help them claw back within striking distance and steal momentum. Fortunately, Miami would keep them at bay thanks to crafty playmaking and scoring from Jimmy, strong finishing from Dedmon, and some good looks from Bam. Turnovers remained an issue, but with Miami back in rhythm and scoring well on most possessions, it would take a ten-point lead into the second half.

Second Half:

PJ Tucker broke out of his slump and hit a nice corner three to start out the second half for Miami. With that, he continues to lead the league in three-point percentage. Still, the Spurs pushed back cutting the Heat lead down to six. Luckily Bam’s shooting stroke made a return as he took advantage of Thad Young in the mid-range. Jimmy also stayed aggressive, scoring well at the rim and forcing his way to the free-throw line. With PJ Tucker continuing to hit his looks, Miami was able to regain control and stretch the lead out to 18.

Miami didn’t slow down with Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro getting in on the action. The Heat would take a 22 point lead into the fourth.

Gabe Vincent, Tyler Herro, and Bam continued to ravage the Spur's defense to start the fourth. Still, the Spurs showed effort with veteran, Thad Young doing his best to chip at the lead. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough with Miami cruising to their biggest lead of 26. The Heat would stay ahead and send in its reserves but keep Herro and Duncan in. Herro continued to dominate and Duncan also got in on the fun as did Kyle Guy as Miami won by 17.