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What to make of the confrontation with Spoelstra, Butler and Haslem

Relive the video that has everyone talking.

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Dwyane Wade and Gary Payton yelled at each other during a timeout in Game 4 of the Miami Heat’s first-round series against the Chicago Bulls in 2006. Erik Spoelstra and Wade had words during Game 3 of the Heat’s second-round series against the Indiana Pacers. And yes, Bump-gate.

Wednesday night added another heated sideline moment to Heat history. Erik Spoelstra and Udonis Haslem argued with Butler in the midst of a Miami meltdown to a Golden State Warriors team missing Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

What was the argument about? Spoelstra joked that it was about where everybody had dinner plans that night. This video below attempts to transcribe what Haslem and Spoelstra said to Butler, but there’s no video showing what Butler said. It also notes the hilarious detail that the Heat coach picked up a clipboard just to slam it on the ground. And that P.J. Tucker picked it up.

After the game, Kyle Lowry said, “It’s good to sometimes get some anger and frustration out and just talk about it.” Tucker called it, “a part of the game” and that “emotions run high.”