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Miami Heat 2021-22 player review: Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler further established exactly what type of player he is and that he is capable of leading this team where they need to go.

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Today, we will be continuing our look at the Heat’s player performances from the season with Jimmy Butler, the Heat’s leading scorer, and franchise cornerstone. Here we go!

Season overview (57 games):

  • 21.4 PPG
  • 5.9 RPG
  • 5.5 APG
  • 1.6 SPG
  • .480 field-goal percentage
  • .870 free-throw percentage
  • .592 true-shooting percentage
  • 23.65 player efficiency rating

Jimmy Butler was able to put together another strong season for the Miami Heat. Despite missing significant time due to a tailbone injury, Butler was able to lead the Heat in scoring while also being an All-Star for Miami. Early on, Butler had noise as an MVP candidate because of the play of the Heat, but that quieted as the season went on.

Butler had plenty of epic moments this year as he continues to make his way as one of the Miami Heat’s most important players in the history of their franchise.

Best game?

May 27, ECF Game 6 @ Boston Celtics

It was one of his most recent games, but it was one of his iconic moments as a member of the Heat. Miami, facing elimination on the road, saw Butler drop 47 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists, and 4 steals to lead them to victory and force a Game 7. Butler dropped the second-highest scoring game in a road elimination game in NBA history.

Numbers to note:

23.3 - That was Butler’s 3PT% during the regular season, his lowest since his rookie season. In fact, besides his rookie season, Butler’s 3 worst shooting seasons from deep are his 3 with Miami. He’s often unwilling and he hasn’t been good. It did crank up to 33.8% in the postseason, but it remains puzzling why a player as good as he is and who has the ability to shoot it, is not good from there.

25 - That’s the number of games Jimmy Butler misses during the regular season. He had a brutal stretch with the tailbone injury but dealt with ankles and other ailments as well. In his three seasons with Miami, he’s yet to play 60 games in a regular season. Luckily, the Heat were able to survive well without him, much thanks to Kyle Lowry. But moving forward, you’d love to see Butler play more.

27.4 - That was Butler’s PPG in the postseason. It shows what he is capable of and when he turns it on, he’s a different animal. It goes to show you that he does at times coast, but when it’s go-time, Butler will give you his best.

Memorable Moments

Spo and His Clipboard - There was a confrontation with Head Coach Erik Spoelstra that got blown out of proportion. We said all season long that the Heat don’t get much media coverage because they don’t have any drama. Well the second that they had a bit of drama, the national media wanted to talk about them. Butler, Udonis Haslem, and Spo had a moment in a bad loss to the Warriors. See it below. It was also a signature moment of this season.

Jimmy and Max - Their relationship has evolved...and it’s been fun to watch. Max would be more honest and Jimmy would have fun with it. Below you can see how Jimmy likes to talk about Max, claiming he stinks and that’s the reason that he’s open. But then you can see by the time we got to the post-season, Jimmy couldn’t help but to celebrate Max’s success.

The NBA then fined Jimmy Butler and the Heat $15,000 apiece. Butler for making an obscene gesture, the Heat for making a GIF out of it.

What’s next?

Jimmy Butler isn’t going anywhere. He’s got a long-term contract and Pat Riley is working on the Jimmy Butler Build. He’ll look to add more talent around Butler to give the Heat the best chance at capturing a title. This year was a pretty good shot at it, but the Heat couldn’t put it all together to get to the Finals.

Jimmy will continue to sell Big Face Coffee and enjoy Miami — he’s the leader of the Heat.

Thank you, Jimmy, for all you have given to Heat Nation and what you represent with Heat Culture.