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Miami Heat 2021-22 player review: Udonis Haslem

Mr. 305 forever & ever!

Sacramento Kings v Miami Heat Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Welcome back to our player review series. Amid us deep-diving into the draft and everything regarding the future of the organization, we’re discussing the seasons for Heat players that played in the 2021-22 NBA season who finished on the active roster — regardless of their impending status entering 2022-23.

This will be our fourth so far — we’ve reviewed Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler and Dewayne Dedmon so far. Today, we will be reviewing Mr. 305 himself, Udonis Haslem, who played in 13 games with Miami this season!

Let’s jump into it!

Brief overview (13 games):

  • 2.3 PPG
  • 1.9 RPG
  • 45.2 field-goal percentage
  • 49.5 true-shooting percentage
  • 8.6 player efficiency rating

Haslem appeared in 13 games fo rthe Heat this season, almost matching the games he’s played in for the last three seasons combined (15). He totaled 32 points, 25 rebounds, four assists, one block and one steal. Haslem didn’t play for more than 12 minutes in a single game this season.

Numbers to note:

1 - Haslem hit aa 3-pointer! It’s his sixth of his career, all coming within the last nine seasons! He only attempted four in 2021-22, but it was refreshing to see him hit one. He also recorded his first steal since 2016-17!


83 - Haslem’s 83 minutes were the most he’s played since ‘16-17, which was understandable given the slew of injuries to the frontcourt mid-way through the season.

Best game?

Dec. 6 vs. Orlando Magic

Haslem recorded a season-high eight points with five boards, tying a season-most. He shot 4-of-8 from the foor with one assist and one steal.

What’s next?

We know UD’s standing with the organization. He’s a Heat Lifer’s Heat Lifer. It’s equivalent to a college professor on tenure: UD can be apart of the organization — in whatever role — for as long as he wants. He’s signed five consecutive minimum contracts and could very well sign a sixth, but hasn’t officially made up his mind yet — noting he’s going to “take his time” before deciding whether he wants to return for a 20th season in the 305.