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Report: Heat divided on including Adebayo in Durant trade

Ira Winderman said an “influential member” of the Heat “shot down the notion.”

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images

Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets more than three weeks ago. He remains a member of the Nets. As the clock ticks, some Miami Heat fans have debated whether Miami should include 25-year-old Bam Adebayo — their best asset — in a trade for Durant, who will turn 34 years old in September.

And now, Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that “while there has been internal consideration” of using Adebayo in the trade, “at least one influential member of the organization has shot down the notion.”

Who brought up the possibility of using Adebayo? Who was the “influential member” who shot down the notion? (My guess would be Erik Spoelstra.) Does this mean the Heat won’t consider Adebayo in a Durant trade later, even as we get closer to training camp?

Three weeks ago, I said, “The Heat aren’t trading Butler or Adebayo for Durant.” The four-time scoring champ wants to join a team that can contend for championships immediately. That can only happen if the Heat keep Butler and Adebayo out of the trade — like how Miami kept Dwyane Wade out of the Shaquille O’Neal trade in 2004. The biggest reason for the Heat to keep Adebayo out of the trade is that Durant probably wants Adebayo as a teammate.

If the Heat trade Adebayo for Durant, you may look at Omer Yurtseven as the starting center — and that’s assuming he isn’t also thrown into the trade. And while Yurtseven had some good moments while Adebayo was injured last season, he has no meaningful playoff experience.