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Donovan Mitchell is on the Cavs. What’s the plan now?

The Heat still have a need at power forward.

Miami Heat v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Kevin Durant is staying with the Brooklyn Nets — at least for now. The Cleveland Cavaliers traded for Donovan Mitchell today, hoping to become a contender in the Eastern Conference.

And now the Miami Heat head into training camp with the same roster as last season’s one, with the exceptions of losing P.J. Tucker and drafting Nikola Jovic.

As I’ve discussed ad nauseam this summer, the glaring hole for the Heat is at the power forward position. It seems puzzling that Miami had no plan to address that issue — especially since rumors linked the Philadelphia 76ers and Tucker before free agency even opened. (The NBA opened a tampering investigation into the Sixers over their free agency signings.)

In mid-July, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald said the Heat could trade for Jae Crowder or Harrison Barnes should no trade for Durant materialize. Yesterday, Jackson said, “Crowder very much remains an option, but it will take some creativity in how a trade is crafted.” He added that there’s no evidence the Sacramento Kings have made Barnes available.

Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg better get creative. Durant and Mitchell are off the table. The Heat can’t go into the season expecting Jimmy Butler to play the four every night.