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Heat not getting star anytime soon

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald gave Heat fans a reality check.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald wrote a column today telling Miami Heat fans, “Time for a reality check: There’s no new big star walking through the doors of the FTX Arena, and it might be awhile before that changes.”

Jackson then quotes Damian Lillard’s recent appearance on The Dave Pasche Podcast, in which the eight-time All-Star said that he plans to be a Portland Trail Blazer for life. He also quotes Bradley Beal, who said that winning a championship with the Washington Wizards would mean more to him than teaming up with four other All-Stars. The Heat have reportedly coveted Beal since 2019.

Jackson ends saying, “If you’re going to yearn, yearn for Kyle Lowry and Victor Oladipo to return to their 2019 All-Star form.” I’ve said the same — that’s the way they can remain competitive with the Eastern Conference contenders that improved in the off-season. And if they make a trade for a power forward to replace P.J. Tucker, then they’re back in contention.