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Tyler Herro on extension: ‘I know my worth’

The deadline for Herro to sign an extension is Oct. 17.

NBA: Miami Heat-Media Day Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Since Donovan Mitchell joined the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kevin Durant stayed with the Brooklyn Nets, a question has surrounded the Miami Heat — will the team sign reigning Sixth Man of the Year Tyler Herro to an extension? The deadline to agree on one is Oct. 17, the eve of the regular season. If he doesn’t sign an extension, he’ll become a restricted free agent next summer.

Herro answered questions during media day and after subsequent practices about his status. And he said that while he wants to be in Miami, “I see what guys got paid and I know my worth.”

As I’ve pointed out, signing Herro to an extension would essentially make him untradeable for a year. If the Heat are willing to consider Herro a core piece of the team moving forward, signing him to an extension is an easy call. But if they’re unsure after his sub-par 2022 playoff performance, they’ll decline offering him an extension and keep him as a trade piece until the February 2023 deadline.

The Heat’s 2019 first-round draft pick has voiced his desire to start this season. Now, Erik Spoelstra clearly trusts Herro — he’s played him big fourth-quarter minutes going back to the Bubble. But we all remember when Herro began the 2020-21 season as the team’s starting point guard, but lost the job to Kendrick Nunn.

If Herro starts, it’s a fair bet that Victor Oladipo would take his role as the Sixth Man. And if Jimmy Butler won’t start at the four — as it seems likely — we may also see Max Strus, who has also said he wants to start, off the bench.