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NBA Trade Deadline: The Miami Heat are receiving calls on both Kyle Lowry & Max Strus

Contrary to initial reports, the Heat are now reported to be “very open” on moving Lowry.

NBA: Miami Heat at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA trade deadline in just 3 days, rumors are starting to HEAT up (no pun intended). A couple weeks ago it was reported that Miami was not trying to move starting PG Kyle Lowry. Today, a big report circling around is that teams have been in touch with the Miami Heat in regards to acquiring Lowry and Max Strus. The Heat are now “very open” in the idea of moving the veteran guard Lowry.

Strus being included in this is interesting, because he definitely does have some value. Shooters are coveted in todays league, and although he has had his struggles, he is still a natural born sharpshooter. His stats have all dipped a lot this season compared to last and the undrafted SG is due to become to a free agent after this season. Miami may not be inclined to give another big pay day to an inconsistent shooter (Duncan Robinson). Specifically, Strus’ efficiency stats have taken a big hit.

He is still getting decent minutes in this Miami rotation and he has not let the efficiency numbers affect his confidence. Strus is still bombing away from down town, and the occasional solid performance has not been worth the overall 34% from three. Many could think a change of scenery could help get his shooting numbers back up, which ties into teams reportedly calling about his status.

As for Lowry, Miami now seems “motivated” in finding a new home for the former all-star.

That report seems very accurate just based off of what has transpired on the court as of late. Lowry has struggled majorly, to the point where he has been a complete non-factor both offensively and defensively. He hasn’t played a single minute in a 4th quarter of a game in quite some time. In fact, based off the +\- stat, Lowry has made Miami worse when on the floor. Take a look at his stat line against the New York Knicks last week:

This has been a common trend all season long too, not just one game. His occasional vintage performances do not outweigh the much more often abysmal performances… a change may need to be made. It is very rare to word to get out like this about the Heat’s plan on trading away a player, so since it indeed has gone out it’s safe to say there’s a high chance Lowry isn’t on this roster after the end of the week. It’s going to be interesting what unfolds for the starting unit, as coach Erik Spoelstra could have some options to choose from.

The clock is now ticking on Kyle Lowry’s up and down career in South Beach.