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Report: Miami Heat would like to pursue an offseason run at KD or Beal

If Miami doesn’t end up trading Lowry at the deadline, a big offseason trade could be in the team’s future.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, NBA trade deadline has not even passed yet… but there is now a rumor that has been talked about in regards to a potential offseason trade. According to the Sun Sentinel, Miami will pursue an offseason run at superstars Kevin Durant or Bradley Beal if it can’t trade Kyle Lowry at this year’s deadline. As two players that have been coveted by Miami in the past, the Heat still would like to get their hands on one of these guys.

Here is the official article by Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel regarding the report:

These are two players that have been linked to the Heat before that would clearly be a huge addition, even if the team waits till the offseason this year to pursue it. The Kevin Durant one is more enticing; a player like him is exactly what Pat Riley and quite frankly all of Heat Nation would dream of obtaining. It adds tier 1 star power to a team that has been missing another consistent and elite scorer/ play maker. Durant is arguably one of the best players in the entire NBA, even at the age of 34. It seems like his career could age like fine wine as the veteran SF has yet to show a single sign of declining when healthy.

Durant and Jimmy Butler could enjoy the latter years of their career together competing for a title, as they would be legitimate contenders and maybe even the favorites to complete such a task. With Kyrie Irving being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, it leaves Durant all by himself in Brooklyn. Is it possible that KD can be dealt before this week’s deadline? Anything is possible I would say, even if he makes a trade request in a more private manner this time to avoid it getting out just like this past summer.

The rest of this week should decide on which route to go with the Brooklyn Nets franchise. However, the fact that Durant has already requested a trade in the past and that he is now the lone superstar on that team make it pretty obvious his future with the team is looking a little shaky. If the former MVP does become available at any point soon, whether it’s this week or in the offseason, the Heat seem to be interested.

A pick up like Durant would definitely be what Pat Riley would say, bringing in a “whale”. It would be the undoubtedly the biggest addition since LeBron James in 2010. A big three of Durant, Butle and Bam Adebayo could be very similar to James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. A pick up like that catapults the Heat franchise into must-see tv status, something that Riley isn’t afraid of doing.

Bradley Beal is also an intriguing option. Just like Durant, Beal is a capable 30 PPG scorer and elite offensive talent. A move like that wouldn’t be as big as KD, but it wouldn’t be that far off either. Beal is an all-nba player and would immediately impact the Heat to bring them into true contender status as well.

The issue with Beal is that for whatever reason, he seems to always be committed to winning a championship in Washington, the team that drafted him. He has had multiple chances to test the open market and pursue a championship else where, but always winds back running it back with the Wizards. Maybe things could change if the Wizards franchise themselves feels they should trade him. Or if Beal himself finally comes to his senses and realizes he wants to be on a real winning team.

That’s what honestly makes Durant more realistic, knowing that he put in a trade request it’s clear he’s open to looking at other options to finish his career. He could be a franchise changing acquisition for any team.

An NBA great like KD would always be the top choice over most guys that are available, but don’t count out Beal recurring as a target once again as well.