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Hot Hot Hoops Podcast - Episode 7: NBA Trade Deadline edition

Our latest podcast dives into the rapidly approaching NBA trade deadline and the latest on the Miami Heat.

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Our latest episode of the Hot Hot Hoops Miami Heat NBA Podcast is here!

HHH writers Daniel Riccio, Brandon Di Perno, and Matt Hanifan analyze the upcoming NBA trade deadline and discuss what moves the Miami Heat could make. They also give their take on the Dewayne Dedmond trade to the San Antonio Spurs and look back on his time with the Heat and where his career might go from here after a tumultous season.

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching the trio also ponder whether or not Kyle Lowry or Duncan Robinson will last through the deadline and how they’ve struggled lately in Miami. In the second part, the crew look ahead to the NBA All-Star break and potential Heat trade targets.

Have a listen, let us know what you’d like us to discuss in future episodes, and make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform!