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Limited Edition Jimmy Butler Bobblehead released by FOCO

Grab yours before they are sold out!

FOCO 2023 Jimmy Butler

If you are a Miami Heat fan, you are going to love this!

Forever Collectibles, FOCO, is releasing a collection of NBA city jersey bobbleheads! The bobbleheads feature a variety of different team players from the NBA as they are dressed to the nines in their city edition jersey outfits with a basketball in hand ready to score on their opponent!

One of the bobbleheads will be of the Heat star, Jimmy Butler! Each bobblehead in this collection is limited to 100 units. I hope you understand what that means, they’re going to make 100 of them and sell them and after that — they’re gone. So you aren’t going to want to think about this much, you need to think about getting one!

Each bobblehead is going to stand 8” tall — that means this isn’t a tiny bobblehead toy you get as a giveaway. These are nice and put on the shelf to display collectibles. Jimmy is even wearing the headband that he has been sporting this year. I wonder if he would prefer to have his bobblehead sport the dreads?

Each bobblehead is $70 and they are available now. Just CLICK HERE to purchase one!

The FOCO Butler bobblehead has palm trees, mash-up letters, and everything you want about the Miami Heat.

When you look around the FOCO Miami Heat store, you’ll see that they have all kinds of pretty cool Miami Heat items. And stay tuned on Twitter, we’re going to be offering you something very unique from FOCO very soon!

***HHH was asked to promote this item but does not receive any compensation for your purchase.