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Heat beat Jazz 119-115

Despite a close game with double digit lead changes, it was the Heat who’d pull away with the win in the final seconds

Utah Jazz v Miami Heat Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

First Half:

Gabe Vincent remained in the starting lineup and got the Heat out to a hot start, with some intense hustle from the jump. Unfortunately with intense hustle often comes sloppiness and that was also in the spotlight, as Miami turned the ball over fairly frequently. The Heat struggled to guard Lauri Markkanen early, a storyline that would continue throughout the entire game. The Heat still managed to get out to a nine-point lead, and with Yurt seeing some action they attempted to build on it. Miami stayed in control all through the first with key contributions from Vic, Lowry, and Caleb Martin.

Lauri Markkanen sparked a 12-2 run for the Jazz with Utah erasing the deficit almost immediately to start the second quarter. Between Markkanen and Fonntecchio Miami couldn’t figure out to guard the Jazz and would fall behind, but remain in striking distance. Miami’s starters pulled them back within four with a few minutes to go in the third, but Miami’s inability to guard the paint kept Utah thriving. The Heat pulled back as the half came to a close with Jimmy finding Kevin Love off a steal and Love getting to the line the following possession. The Heat found itself trailing by one to end the first half.

Second Half:

The Heat took back the lead to start the second half but it didn’t last with Jazz role players stepping up and Jimmy, Tyler, and Bam struggling to score. Still, Miami did a good job getting to the line where they chipped away at the small Utah lead. Unfortunately on the other end, Markkanen remained unguardable just absolutely feasting on the porous Heat defense. Luckily Gabe Vincent and Jimmy continued to score consistently, giving the Heat a fighting chance. With Bam finding his scoring touch again, the Heat took a small lead that would turn into a series of ties and lead changes. Both teams were tied heading into the fourth.

Rudy Gay started to cause some problems for the Heat with some solid three-point shooting, but some hard noses play kept the Heat lead barely out of reach. Kyle Lowry had his clutch gene on display, coming alive in the fourth for some key threes as did Oladipo hitting some important buckets. The Jazz tied things up with 4 minutes remaining and eventually stole back the lead. But the Heat wasn’t done with Jimmy hitting a huge three for the eleventh lead change of the night, and swatting away a Utah look on the other end. Utah took the lead off a THT fade away but Miami closed out the game for the win with Tyler hitting a clutch three and the Heat laying the dagger off a huge Bam stop on Abaji and two clutch free throws. This was a close one but a huge Heat win.