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Kyle Lowry to miss 14th straight game

Lowry’s prolonged absence has fueled speculation.

Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images

The Miami Heat, in the midst of a pivotal six-game home-stand, will remain without Kyle Lowry for tomorrow’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. This will mark the 14th consecutive game Lowry has missed with left knee soreness.

Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald reported that “there’s optimism within the organization” that the 2019 NBA champion will return before the end of the regular season, possibly within the next week. The Heat have 16 games left in the regular season.

As I’ve mentioned, Lowry’s prolonged absence has fueled speculation. The Heat had categorized Lowry as “questionable” for last Monday’s road game against the Philadelphia 76ers, but he did not play. Some concluded that he said he could play just to join the team flight to his native Philadelphia.

Barry Jackson, also of the Miami Herald, said that the Heat and Lowry met, “hashed out problems” and agreed that he’d return in early March. But at the moment, Lowry doesn’t think he’s healthy enough to play.

The last time Lowry played was Feb. 2, before the NBA trade deadline. Lowry was at the center of trade rumors, with some speculating that the relationship between the Heat and Lowry had broken down.