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PODCAST: Heat statement on Bosh, Game 2 Preview

Earnest Christian breaks down the statement released by the Miami Heat on Chris Bosh’s status, LeBron James looking forward to a possible matchup with the Heat in the Conference Finals and preview of Game 2 vs. the Toronto Raptors.

Podcast: Heat season review, playoff preview, Kobe

Join us as we look back on the 2015-16 NBA season as well as look forward to the Heat's first round playoff matchup with the Charlotte Hornets.

Podcast: Postseason scenarios broken down

Listen here!

HHH Podcast: Litmus Test Time

Earnest Christian and David Ramil discuss the recent three game (1-2) road trip, Gerald Green's struggles, Josh McRoberts, Josh Richadson's strong play since the All-Star break, Joe Johnson fit, Dwyane Wade's recent injury and the playoff race

HHH Podcast: Better without Bosh?

Earnest Christian and David Ramil return to talk about the Miami Heat's five game winning streak, whether there is some truth as to if this team is better without Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade "fitting in", Charles Barkley, LeBron James drama and more.

HHH Podcast #20: Woah....We Have Returned

It's been awhile but Earnest Christian and David Ramil make ther triumphant return to deliver some Miami Heat banter.

HHH Podcast #18: The Way Of Wade No More?

HHH writers Earnest Christian and David Ramil debate this and figure out what's fact from fiction in this recent development.

HHH Podcast #17: Uncharted Territory

HHH Writers discuss Miami protecting Top 10 pick, Deng's future and some random NBA discussion.

HHH Podcast - How will the Heat move forward?

Heat writers Hayley Byrnes, Earnest Christian and David Ramil gather to discuss what lies ahead for the Miami Heat as they enter an uncertain offseason.

HHH Podcast: Talking about LeBron losing in Miami

Hot Hot Hoops writers Hayley Byrnes, David Ramil and Earnest Christian discuss the latest with the Miami Heat and how LeBron James remains winless in Miami since returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

HHH Podcast: Episode 13

Take a listen to our latest podcast as we talk all Heat!

HHH Podcast: Episode 12 - Big Love

Hayley Byrnes is joined again by David Ramil and Earnest Christian to froth over Hassan Whiteside and debate whether Wade and Bosh should be All-Stars. All things Heat and much more.

HHH Podcast: Episode 11 - Look on the Whiteside

Special guest Surya Fernandez joins David Ramil and Hayley Byrnes on today's episode. We discuss Hassan Whiteside, Tyler Johnson and the road ahead for Miami.

HHH Podcast: Episode 10 - McRoberts & more

Hayley Byrnes is joined by David Ramil and Earnest Christian to host the latest discussion surrounding the Josh McRobert's injury and the Heat's continuing defensive struggles. All this plus more.

HHH Podcast #9: What's happened with the Heat's D?

Hot Hot Hoops writers David Ramil and Earnest Christian join Hayley Byrnes to discuss the latest with the Miami Heat including their lack of solid defense and what's ahead as they finish up their road trip. All this and much more!

HHH Podcast #8: Heat slump a cause for concern?

Three writers from Hot Hot Hoops discuss Dwyane Wade's absence and the recent Miami Heat slump in the latest episode of the HHH Podcast.

HHH Podcast Episode #7: The latest on the Heat

HHH writers Hayley Byrnes, David Ramil and Earnest Christian review the week for the Miami Heat and look ahead at the Indiana Pacers game in the newest podcast episode.

Hot Hot Hoops Podcast #6: Reviewing the 1st week

Our HHH writing crew gather around to discuss the first week of the NBA regular season and the latest with the Miami Heat.

HHH Podcast #5: The Heat is back!

The crew and I are back and excited to talk Heat basketball now that the season is back! Listen and comment on your thoughts.

Hot Hot Hoops Podcast #4: Who makes the team?

HHH writers Hayley Byrnes, David Ramil and Earnest Christian analyze the Miami Heat's preseason so far, the emergence of rookie Shabazz Napier and who deserves the final roster spots.