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Sparingly used HH has justified his case for more minutes . His performance in Game 5 against Boston 15 pts in 36 minutes, Game 7, 2 points in 9 minutes, Game 1 against Nuggets , 18 points in 23 minutes. Also a good perimeter defender, fights through screens with ease and a rebounder.

Both Ty (if ready) and HH will give you some size and offensive weapons. HH comes with added defensive skills, you may not like the way his butt juts out, but he has made his case for more minutes against the bigger Nuggets who thrive on mismatches. I will shave off some of Gabe's minutes and I will likely go with a 9 or 10 man rotation too. Ty can have 2 minutes in each qtr of the first half to test his hand and ease his endurance slowly into NBA level. Then, unleash Ty in the 3rd qtr .

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Hit your open shots is a good place to start. Need Martin, Strus, Lowry and Duncan to be better. They all can't suck on the same night.

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You want adjustments? Make every Heat player watch these on repeat:



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I figure seeing more hh like in second half of game 1 shores up what heat lack in size, flexibility and mobility through screens. It already helps a lot with keeping their play making and pet actions honest. Doubt more cz, love or yurt minutes will achieve more defensively. Big as they are, jokic has seen bigger and its prob not gna hurt his own shot making as much.

I wanna see jokic understand he has a smaller defender, get to the post and dribble like 9 times. Only chance to turn him over

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no bam on joker pls too small, put bam on that orlando punk gordon who boyed my boy martin.bam guards gordon gordon disappears.wish we still had dd for karate kid id think hed rough him up prob hurt him and definitely be more of an obstacle than bam.got 2 bigs cz(stiff) yert(god forbid he plays him) .if im spo im playing the unkown but i believe talented big yert.jeez that will never happen.to my assistant coaches manila and rc do u want bam on joker pls let me know so i can get my starting lineup together.

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Something should be done diferently, but the thing is, where Spo would go.

Starting Love in the place of Martin is an obvious solution, but Denver will be prepared.

But it wont be prepared on Yurt starting along Bam. :)

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From jnicho:

I'm so stoked for game 2. I can't wait to see what Miami does to try to make Denver uncomfortable, and I can't wait to see if Denver is able to obliterate it.

This is just fun basketball.

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i thought that Burnie bobble head is also part of the adjustment. but seriously i hope Heat make their long range bombs. ala first rd vs Milw. that adjustment vs Gordon will happen. im just wary that they might try to push the plays too much to get fts next game and kinda overdo it and get into turnovers, off fouls instead. im projecting a Jimmy game and see KLove a little in game 2. Caleb will do his usual contribution and Max or Dunc will have a good game. Bonus if they both do.

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