Miami is good at adapting to who their opponents are. Spo and co did well with that in the East playoffs and that's key coz the teams they beat didn't do much adjustment I think it was only Boston who tried that's why they sent it to a game 7. It will be a big challenge to at least limit Jokic but hoping for off game/s since their team has really been balling in these playoffs maybe due for some bad games. I like our chances. Well, Heat was given 3% to make it this far so...11% to win it all doesn't seem bad

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Another great series in front of us. Denver looks compact, big and really strong, with Jokic currently the best player in the world, but Miami have a lot of experience, several former champs and most of the team already in this situation. Denver lack all of that.

The team outside Murray and Jokic its not really impressive. Good players, true, but not excellent.

The bench is good, but not elite.

Who knows what would happen puting Denver under the pressure.

Jokic will gets his, but I m not sure about the rest of the team.

Anyway, we will see some great ball in days to come, and I plan to enjoy every minute. With no expectation whatsoever.

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Great article, loved the part about Bam and the short roll.

And I agree that the #1 question is: where will the Miami offense come from? I think even if you "shut down" Denver, you're still getting 30-20-10 from Jokic and 30 from Murray. They can score 110 points in their sleep. Miami is going to need to get scoring from everyone to keep up in this series.

I think the model for beating Denver, especially on the road, is Game 6 against Boston. Their offense hums, the Heat just have to find ways to break their rhythm every once in a while, score enough points to keep it close, and hope that they can steal it in the end.

Personally, I think it comes down to two things:

(1) Can the Skyforce guys keep rolling? If Caleb and Gabe and Duncan and Max can keep giving the Heat 50+ points per game and hardnose defense and rebounding, the Heat have a chance

(2) Can Jimmy go Supernova? He doesn't have to do it every game, but we'll need a couple 40 point games and a couple 4th quarter miracles to win this series. Jokic, aside from everything else he does, will also give you buckets in the last few minutes of a close game. Jimmy is going to have to be on his level when it matters most

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So many great storylines for the Heat going in to game 1 and the series. I'm hoping the rust is stronger than not much rest in game 1. The Heat have been able to win game 1 each time, which has absolutely been a factor in these series wins. Put the home team on the defensive from the jump and playing out of a hole pressure games from then on. I'm so hyped. Let's go HEAT!

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Comments on Noteworthy questions:

1. Rest or lack of it is a two edged sword. Rest could keep you fresh and mentally sharp or could also increase your inertia or passivity in a competitive sport.

2. Have not watched a lot of Aaron Gordon, so cannot comment here.

3. In this play off so far, Miami has been excellent at turning up the notch a little higher on defense when it needs to do so, with good results and it has helped them win games coming from behind. It will be an anomaly if I do not see the same result in this series. However, I do not want them playing catch up with a Denver offense.

4. Earlier in his career, IMO Spo established a VERY GOOD reputation of making sure he gets even with you on a return game with his game adjustments. Over the years, he has perfected this skill to making these game adjustment on his first meet with you (I,e perfected it to in game adjustment) and not waiting on a return game to make the adjustment. Reason, why I have utmost respect for Spo and believe he is the Heat's X-factor in any game.

5. Ditto as in #4 above.

Go Heat, Go!

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Excellent write up!

First you acknowledged what the Heat is up against ( no way that means that you are being negative as some may erroneously allude). Two, you held up hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and what the Heat can do to go through that tunnel to that light. Bravo!!

Agreed with your analysis through and through. Additionally, I hope Bam's hands are nimbler holding onto the ball limiting TOs and also make those make able shots we have been accustomed to seeing him do.

I wonder what impact a foul trouble Jokic (IMHO, the regular season MVP) will have on Denver? He rarely gets into one and of course, the league tends to protect her stars.

I cannot wait to have the Heat spoil me one more time this evening.

Go Heat, Go!

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Miami should not try to compete with Denver's offense. Miami's defense creates turnovers and offensive opportunities. As we saw with Boston, once an offensive-minded team's offense is disrupted, it has an immediate impact on it's players' defensive efforts. In other words, if Miami disrupts Denver's offense, it will negatively impact it's defense.

Spo should substitute frequently to keep the players fresh in the thin air of mile high Denver. Highsmith needs to play significant minutes because of his defense and corner 3's. It will be interesting to see how Spo deploys Love, Zeller, Robinson and Herro (when he returns). I definitely see the need for "sacrificial lambs" to take charges from Jocic, Murray, etc., whenever possible. The earlier the Heat can get the Nuggets in foul trouble, the better. It's going to be interesting any way you cut it.


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main concern is to keep karate kid in check a little bit.their size is only other worry.expect pat spo and jim to figure it out. if u can beat milw u can beat any team

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